SAM Medical International
Excellence in Medical Assistance

SAM Medical International will assist you with the following :

  1. Transfer of your medical file to our case managing physician who will recommend highly skilled physicians either in public or in private hospitals

  2. Appointments with the physicians and organization of your medical stay

  3. Transportation from the airport to your hotel or to the hospital

  4. Visiting the patients at the hospital to make sure their stay is taking place smoothly

  5. Interpreters assisting you during your appointments with the doctors

  6. Organization of the post hospital medical care

  7. SAM Medical International’s medical staff will also be an interface between you and the physicians of the hospital where you will stay in order for you to feel as comfortable as possible. They will also contact your physician at home in order for you to have the best follow-up.

We’ll also take care of the organization of the stay for you and your family :

  1. Booking the most suitable hotel or apartment

  2. Organizing well-being stays

  3. Organizing leisure time for you and your family such as sightseeing, shows, restaurants, shopping, personal shoppers

  4. We provide you with various "à la carte" services according to your needs and your wishes.

We will always advise you and assist you because we want your stay to remain unforgettable.

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We look forward to serving you soon for a smooth medical stay!